Hey guys so today I wanted to make a quick little video talking about ketogenic diet aim for beginners kind of how to keep it simple, get you into ketosis quickly and what are you supposed to eat for that. So it’s important that you keep your total amount of carbohydrates you eat around 20 to 25 grams of net carbs each day what exactly is a net carb a net carb is subtracting out your fiber and sugar from the total amount of carbs you eating.

keto diet

Today so basically say you ate 25 grams of total carbs but in there you had 10 grams of fiber so you’d subtract 25 minus your 10 grams of fiber, therefore, you had an effective carb. Count of 15 grams I think kind math I don’t know my opinion most of your carbs should come from green vegetables such as spinach kale whoo the Sun just got really bright Y’all umm collard greens in my favorite broccoli.


I could eat broccoli all day I roast it with a little olive oil it’s Kiel okay the Sun is lost okay I kind of had to put up an umbrella, because it’s too loud inside the film inside so hopefully this is working but some of the things you don’t want to eat while you’re doing a ketogenic diet are bread corn oats or oatmeal honey syrups fruit fruits very high in natural sugars.

Well, I can say fruit is very healthy for you this is a low carb diet and fruit is extremely high in carbs candy potatoes wheat for proteins stick to eating fresh meat such as fatty fish chicken beef pork turkey eggs a lamb.

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If you like lamb I don’t like lamb basically any meat that hasn’t been significantly processed is a go-to on the ketogenic diet my favorite vegetables that I eat while on this diet are broccoli zucchini cauliflower. Brussels sprouts a lot of the time I’ll chop them up toss them in a little olive oil roast them at 400 in the oven until they’re a little bit crispy y’all a plus freakin love it do it almost every single day.

One thing about the ketogenic diet is I also eat a lot of like high fat dairy foods such as heavy whipping cream I put it in my coffee every single morning um sour cream cream cheese grass-fed butter my favorite brand is Kerrygold um cheese and a lot of the times I read about Greek yogurt but I try and stay away from Greek yogurt because I could eat a whole tub of that in one sitting and so I just try and leave that out of my diet you can eat nuts my favorites are macadamias and walnuts and almonds but you do need to be careful.

With the amount you consume because nuts are very high in fats I always weigh out my nuts because I could eat an entire jar them so way I’m output away the container then I don’t eat terminus avocado and berries, that is an exception to the fruit rule that I talked about a little while ago they are low on the glycemic index which means that they don’t affect your blood sugar.

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Significantly they still need to be in moderation oh my god the Sun is bright again when you’re on a ketogenic diet since you’re eating 75% fat my favorite sources of fat come from butter coconut oil olive oil lard ghee MCT oil I put that in my coffee of like diced vegetables okay my chicken just flew up onto the grill sorry that I’m okay but some of my favorite foods are I eat a large omelet every day.

With peppers and onions and usually some sausage three whole eggs and cream cheese and it’s usually around 600 calories but it keeps me full for a long time I also enjoyed making a large salad there’s butter leaf lettuce mix that you can find in any of your grocery stores and I’ll do two servings of lettuce and then I’ll throw in an avocado cheese some protein um olive oil if I need extra fats or basically whatever I have in my cabinet and have a huge bowl of salad and that keeps me full for so long.

Because the lettuce is so voluminous that it fills up my tummy and it’s actually not that many calories so salads are awesome, some of my favorite snacks are little string cheese’s pickle nuts and I really like sugar-free Jell-O Ziff.

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I am having a sweet craving it’s very important to remind yourself that ketogenic eating is a way of eating it is not a diet, you can’t cheat on this it knocks you out of ketosis if you decide to go and eat a cookie that’s enough carbs to just kick you right on out and the benefits of keto are gone until you get back into ketosis.

When you begin a ketogenic diet it’s important to just keep it simple and you’ll achieve ketosis rather quickly if you’re just sticking to your 75% fat 20 to 25% protein and about 5% car each day and I promise you-you will enter ketosis. And you will just be feeling like a brand new person I love ketoY’all.

So I hope y’all enjoyed this kind of ketogenic diet for beginners it’s just a little really look at this look at this why are you on my fence, why are you on my fence chicken what are you doing mooing.¬†Why are you in my fin Oh apparently my chicken wanted to be in on this so I really hope that you’ll enjoy this video about a ketogenic diet for beginners if you liked this video don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel if you haven’t hi guys.